ORAK Petrol R5
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софтуер за бензиностанции
ORAK Petrol R5 is an integrated software management system for petrol stations, gas stations, oil bases, points of sale of liquid fuel - retail and wholesale. The product is a part of the Software Business Platform R5.

The system is designed  to manage chains of sites having large infrastructure, and their side activities such as stores, cafes, car washes, etc. The software product supports communication protocols with a wide range of electronic columns heads and level measuring devices.

ORAK Petrol R5 complies with all requirements of the Bulgarian legislation on liquid fuels trade.

What are the advantages?

  • Quick and easy fuel delivery directly from the program, directly connected to the National Revenue Agency
  • Stock control by level measuring system and reporting the difference in density and the amount of fuel on delivery and inspection
  • Automatic invoicing at the time of sale, and at the end of the month for deferred payment
  • Tracking mileage and average fuel consumption of personal and departmental vehicles
  • Control over the discounts. Corporate and individual discount cards, promotions, corporate contracts. Contact card reader
  • Selling an unlimited number of goods. Monitoring deliveries, inventories, profits. Contact barcode reader
  • Opportunity for printing a fiscal invoice at a Windows printer
  • Automatic change of the prices at the fuel dispensers and at the cash desk from the program.
  • Export to a variety of accounting programs

  • Automatic fiscalization of the registered quantities and the type of the fuel refueled from a column at the time of  the sale
  • Quantities control via a level measuring system and reports on the differences in the fuels density and quantity at delivery and an audit
  • Light indication,  showing the column and the refueling pistol
  • Company and Individual cards for discounts, promotions, collective contracts. Value, absolute and relative discounts for groups of goods
  • Remote change of the prices and quantities. Observing of sales and reports
  • Tracking the sale and reports
  • Observing of  mileage and average fuel consumption
  • Automatic issue of invoices at the time of the sale and in the end of the month in cases of different payment
  • Mixed payment: cash, credit card, check, voucher, etc.
  • Tracking the availability of fuels in kg, liters, and hunders of liters
  • Producing documents with a specific atribute number of seal-cells and seal-shutters
  • Automatic calculation of correcting coefficient liters with 15C and real liters
  • Availability reference and motion of the fuel by clients and suppliers, produced bills and unpaid bills
  • Payments according to clients and suppliers, in currencies, according to invoices and stock documents
  • Possibility for defining an unlimited number storeshouses and companies
  • Keeping a tree structure of the storesouses - unlimited
  • Possibility for defining an unlimited number articles and contractors
  • External names of goods - METRO, Billa, etc.
  • External codes to suppliers and clients
  • Free definition of packages and sub-packages
  • Durability of goods
  • Unlimited number of pricelists
  • Binding the partner with a pricelist
  • Partner's graphical logo
  • Automatic change of price-lists /Happy Hour/
  • Delivery/write out
  • Unpacking/packing
  • Disjointing
  • Organizing purchase and  sale consignment
  • Producing according to recipe-books, waste and nonlinear production
  • Orders for store
  • Orders for clients
  • Supporting minimal quantities
  • Automatic orders for delivery
  • Parallel seal on external printers
  • Supporting many external devices, fiscal printers and pay-desks
  • Display printer
  • Supporting barcode readers, magnetic cards, DALLAS chips, contactless cards
  • Supporting a widened barcode from electronic balances, etc.
  • Label printing
  • Integration through bank, debit and credit cards
  • Managing a car-wash, barriers, automatic locks
  • Free definition of the requisites by documents
  • Choice of additional specific characteristics
  • Flexible audit system for inspection by group articles
  • Information transfer to different accounting systems
  • Data sending and synchronization with central office
  • Payment
  • Internal company credit
  • Free definition of new methods of payment
  • Cash-book
  • Report of operators
  • Balance by partners
  • Automatic reduction by assortment and by group of articles
  • Balance of the operators depending on defined percent service
  • Timetable for the staff for work with office reductions
  • Spliting and uniting accounts
  • Change
  • Strict assignment of the rights of each operator to an access  to system operations, nomenclatures and references
  • Etc.

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Мanagement of commercial chains requires good management, as well as successful technological solutions and integrations. Thanks to ORAK Oil we do feel more secure about the activity at our sites, which requires coordination of financial flows and specific policies to our clients.

Blagoy Gramenov
Manager of a gas station chain


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