ORAK Change R5 - Софтуер за обменни бюра

софтуер за обменно бюро

ORAK Change R5 is particularly developed for the management of currency exchange offices, consistent with all requirements for working with currencies. ORAK Change R5 has been successfully implemented in a large number of exchange bureaus in Bulgaria.

What are the benefits?

  • Simplified interface for quick and easy work.

  • Daily automatic extraction of the rate of BNB for all currencies through the site www.bnb.bg.

  • Set exchange rates in advance from an external file and to import them automatically into the program.

  • Online update of the currency quotes through the website www.xe.com

  • Work simultaneously with Western Union/ Money Gram and ORAK Change at the same computer – reducing the time for servicing the client and saving investment for an extra hardware.

  • Opportunity for automatic notification for creating a client’s file, when reaching a certain limit. (Requirement of BNB)

  • Generate reports with summarized information for the flow of any currency during the month, as well as all mandatory reports to BNB.

  • Manage several exchange offices in a chain.

  • Support access levels.

  • Distant access to information via Internet or smart phones.

  • Opportunity for automatic remote backup of the database on an Internet server.



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