ORAK Manufacture R5
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софтуер за производство

Orak Manufacture R5 is a software solution specially designed for servicing the manufacturing processes in industries like meat processing, milk processing, confectionery and other processes connected to strictly traceable manufacturing processes.

The focus of the software product is in the know-how directly derived form the best manufacturing practices and hardware integration to achieve maximum usefulness and efficiency.

Managing activity with Orak Manufacture R5 is a part of the certification process under international standards of HACCP.

What are the advantages?

  • Detail transactions involving any specific activаity, incl. production, decomposition, bonification, yield, packaging, packing, and running.
  • Two-way integration with the full range of operations with industrial controllers plus optional connection with terminal scales for working in dust and moisture environments.
  • Monitoring of consignment numbers in all production cycles and generate their own revenue in the process.
  • Full range of commercial operations - consignments, billing, orders, inventory valuation, payment, etc.
  • Manage the delivery and distribution of goods via Palm handheld devices in both online and offline mode.

About the R5 platform

The platform is built on highly reliable and secure database Sybase SQL.

This software platform enables analyzing and management of the information from all workplaces, enables integration with a large range of external devices (industrial controllers for example), provides remote monitoring and system administration.

Module Payments and Accounts with Clients and Suppliers

Module Payments and Accounts with Clients and Suppliers serving the financial documents of the company. Along with the stock and invoice documents, management and monitoring of major business streams are fully covered. Module Payments and Accounts with Clients and Suppliers is the pay-desk of the store program. Besides in the pay-desk all costs and revenues of the company can be monitored, financial conditions and relationships with suppliers and customers can be monitored, too. Each stock or invoice document is monitored separately; the system knows which client has obligations and our obligations to suppliers.

The module can monitor liabilities and total balances with the contractors. This is especially important when suppliers are our customers and vice versa. So can receive cash or noncash offset obligations and to ensure only real balance. The module supports currency cash and thus payments and balances can be tracked by currency. Payments can be by bank transfer, check or cash. To any payment can be given a reason (from a predefined nomenclature), which makes the structuring of accounts much more convenient.

Module Payments and Accounts with Clients and Suppliers monitors the availability of cash for each operator separately and offers functions for transferring cash from one pay-desk to another. So you can manage all the financial flows of money received at desks during the day, account to manager, and accounts to the owner.

The module provides detailed reports for all operations, supports printing of the PEC and RCA matrix printer.

Recipe Module, Production and Disassembly, Dynamic Consumption, Traceability, and Consignment

The module is suitable mostly for the food industry. It incorporates the functionality of management cost norms, converting raw materials into products at current dynamic norms. The module supports nomenclatures management of recipes and consumption levels and associated wastage, net and gross quantities, and operations transformation of raw materials into products and vice versa (Production and Disassembly).

Module exchange of data between locations

The module Exchanges data between locations allows synchronization of data between remote locations. The module has built in email clients for sending and receiving data, and mechanisms for monitoring changes in various systems.

Module Management Mobile Delivery and Trading

Module Management Mobile Delivery and Trading is a store functionality of mobile delivery. It allows managing an unlimited number of mobile units - buses. These mobile units are corporate stores and are served in a similar system of functions and menus. This corresponds to the Orak Palm POS 'module on every palm mobile device, and thus it allows synchronization of data between mobile stores and central warehouse computer.

Export to Accounting Module

Exports to accounting are an additional module, allowing the processing, ordering and retrieval of data to accounting systems. To transfer data to an external accounting program, the program needs to support import of files from other systems. The format and content of the extracted additional information is set together with the accountant. Currently the module supports the most popular accounting systems in Bulgaria and offers integration with ERP systems such as Navision, SAP and others.

Module scales, label printing and Data Port Module

The module offers connection and data synchronization with electronic scales. This allows loading data in scales so that when weighing of goods and printing of labels data can be read by POS system at the time of sale. The module supports loading data from the most popular scales in Bulgaria - Digi, Bizerba, Daisy, Datecs and others. For successful integration with every scale, it must support the standard communication tools and protocols. It is possible that manufacturers of electronic scales have models that cannot be managed in this way.

Operations and Functionalities

  • Delivery / Sale of goods
  • Requests for delivery / Sales
  • Audit inventory and stock deficits
  • Unpacking (transition from one sub package to base package and back)
  • Group loading of facilities
  • Protocol to reassess–binding the selling price with delivery price by certain %
  • Comparison of a document
  • Distribution of bonuses for previous periods on commodity documents
  • Provide minimum and optimal inventory in each store for each item
  • Forecasting the minimal and optimal commodity stocks in storage optimization formulas and etc.
Operations and Functionalities in Orak Manufacture
  • Dynamic Consumption in production The operation includes a preset material usage reference, which can be recalculated on factor formed by terms of quantity, for which lies expenditure norms and entered amount of production. The cost of products produced that way is equal to the cost of the sum of all materials involved.
  • Dynamic consumption rate in dismantling the operation includes a preset reference consumption rate, which can be restated based on the factor formed by the ratio of the amount for which it was set expenditure norms and entered any amount for disassembly. The cost of the resulting blanks are formed from the ratio of pre-set value ratios for each of the participating blanks in the consumption rate to the current cost of disassembly and the quantity introduced for disassembly so that the sum of the quantities on the calculated cost to give the amount of current cost of dismantled product at the time of dismantling by the introduced amount of disassembly.
  • Functionality to provide batch number and quantity to the dynamic disassembly consumption rate (Operation disassembly) with generation of batch numbers of the blanks produced in this operation, tied with the batch of product from which they originated.
  • Functionality to provide batch number to the amount calculated in the dynamic consumption rate (operation production) to any of the materials involved in manufacturing of the product.
  • Operation display with a yield, uses to keep the amount received from the quantity of cost of production of the finished product before entering the warehouse for further processing (drying, fumigation, ...), where the amount in the removal of a lot has decreased. (The condition is a lot to be removed at once).
  • Reference on the movement of goods by batch numbers, providing information about the movement and availability of the raw materials or products by batch number in providing warehouse.
  • Integration with Communications Server of firm Stiv for connection with controllers serving stretch scales package including enforcement operations in the controller.
  • Unlimited tree structure for stores, products, partners (customers and suppliers)
  • Unlimited free and defined nomenclature for price lists, measures and packing, consumers
  • Additional unlimited features for warehouses, products, partners, stock records and rows of documents
  • Binding goods with different base currencies
  • Price formation in other currencies
  • Different views and content of stock documents and orders
  • Manage access rights to options, operations reports and nomenclatures for each user
  • Checking the stocks
  • Recalculation of stocks
  • Recalculation of stocks and prices
  • Redistribution of goods in warehouses
  • Checking the Additional properties, which are not set, but mandatory for products and partners
  • Trademark technology of Orak Engineering, offers flexible mechanic to add condition, rearranging, grouping and dynamic choosing of columns to take report by model
  • Over 60 models of reports
  • Saving the conditions of completed report and ability to be loaded again at any time
  • Correction of primary documents
  • Graphical user interface to derive trends and export the data
  • Automatic tracking of results from random references
  • Export of reports in an external file


Integration with industrial controller of STIV Engineering and terminal scales DIGI

Industrial Controller Operations
  • Enter the disassembly operation singly provides for each raw material the warehouse and batch number, obtained from dismantling. (The operation is performed for each material, obtained by dismantling).
  • Dismantling Operation provides the base and the batch number from which materials derived in disassembly. (The operation is performed once for all materials obtained from dismantling, to form one document production report entry in the store instructions).
  • Operation Set for production singly provides the batch number and the raw material of goods involved in the production of the product. (The operation is performed for each material involved in production)
  • Manufacturing Operation indicates the product obtained in the production. (The operation is performed once for all materials involved in the production, which forms a document-outbound production record in specified warehouse)
  • Display Operation provides raw material or product, the batch number, storage, from which it was taken and storage in which it will go, the specified material or product.(The operation is performed once for the specified material or product, which forms two documents-one for the warehouse from which it was taken, and one for the warehouse, in which they go). When specified counterparty is not a warehouse, will be formed one output document.
  • Operation Enter for yield, which indicates the raw material and batch number of material coming from storage for further processing with an option of aggregation of amounts due from that lot can not be weighed at once. The operation serves to preserve the amount received by the quantity of cost of production of the finished product before entering the warehouses for further processing (drying, fumigation, etc.), which amount on extraction of an lot has decreased.(The operation is performed once for particular material or product which forms two documents-one output, which displays the entire contents of the batch with which it is submitted at the warehouse for further processing, and one entrance document for the warehouse which has the actual quantity and the cost of the product is formed by the ratio of the received quantity at the cost of manufacturing of the product to the actual amount by which the product enters in other warehouse).
  • Operation Find product which has the code of the desired product.
Operation Clear last operation, which serves to delete the last unfinished operations of the controller.

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