ORAK Telecom R5

софтуер за телефонна централа

The automatic phone calls charging software ORAK Telecom R5 is an independent software product from the Business Platform R5 by ORAK Engineering.

The modul Telecom R5 executes the functions of automatic reporting of conversations made via telephone exchange. The accounted conversations are charged depending on the different time zones, geographical destinations, groups of internal numbers, prefixes of operators, etc. 

It is suitable for all kinds of telephone exchanges, which have technical abilities to be connected to a computer and/or printer.

  • Charging conversations by total cost - the account is based on preleminarily defined default prices.
  • Charging conversation by duration - the account is based on the call duration transformed into values depending on given parameters
  • Charging conversations by impulses - the account is based on mixed system for different time and geographical zones.
  • Storage and accumulation of information in the system
  • Graphical interface for users and administrators
  • Possibility for parallel report on two telephone exchanges
  • Installation and operation as a service under the operating systems Windows NT, 2000, XP
  • Tracking limits for each telephone number
  • Data export in an arbitrary format
  • Different charging depending on the belonging to a group of numbers
  • Integrated service to an alternative supplier of telephone services
  • Telephone codes - determine the charging depending on the numbers dialed
  • Geographical zones - determine the charging depending on the held conversations destinations
  • Time zones - determine the charging depending on time intervals of the conversations held
  • Different rates for national holidays and rest days
  • Personal codes of operators, account and statistics by code operator
  • Ability to input data for calls from files
  • Generator for reports for all characteristcs of the held calls
  • Interface filters for visualization of operating information
  • Administrative access to settings
  • Computing data up to a defined date
  • Ability for tracking the service from personal internet portal
  • Print of invoices, credits or money bills
  • Relating to group of telephone numbers by many criteria
  • Information for the status of the communication between a computer and a telephone exchange
  • Tariffing accordingly to the regional interurban centrals specifics
  • Protection against accidental shuttnig down of calls report
  • Automatic deficit call in a guest room as an ORAK Hotel R5 Eclipse+ service

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