ORAK R6 Social Commerce


Orak R6 Social Commerce (for Facebook) is an innovative software product applicable in all industries for marketing and commercial development of an organization in social networks.

E system organized in two parts - Facebook part (working in the security, authentication and authorization of social networks) and Back Office "cloud computing" cloud technology and public or private-based telecom operator or the customer's office.

ORAK R6 Social Commerce enables Facebook own branding and direct sales space in social networks, social group by targeting a target profiles and subsequent identification of the proposed interactive items and price categories (Social CRM).

The product enables full scalability of both volume and complexity of business in social networks.

  • Direct sales in the social network
  • Scalability of business
  • Targeting social groups and interests
  • Personal targeting - Social CRM - prices for segment and age group

Facebook Part

  • Easy integration into a fan page on Facebook of the supplier of products
  • Implementation of a complete description of the type and product features and distinguishing characteristics and availability
  • Complete list of product lines and categories in the store
  • Qualitative information about the product from the supplier
  • Product Information from the user - and requested a preliminary
  • Ability to evaluate the store and every product from consumers
  • Personal shopping cart with selected, but unsolicited product
  • Basket of products ordered
  • Recommendations of the system products to the consumer to his personal interests and history in store
  • Recommendations for products to events - birthdays, anniversaries

Back Office features

  • Ability to input and change the nomenclature of goods - names, bar codes, descriptions, photos and other
  • Creation of delivery notes and preform invoice documents
  • Dynamically create an unlimited number of records to track stock movements and documentary and stock
  • Automatic generation of documents for sale by Facebook store
  • Retention of information about consumer purchases and algorithms offer similar and complementary to purchase goods
  • Personal notification and monitoring of price levels for products
  • Secure support - secure social interaction with the user




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