ORAK R6 Cloud POS (for Android)


ORAK R6 Cloud POS (for Android) is an innovative software product developed to automate local and global business processes in trade and tourism industries.

ORAK R6 Cloud POS (for Android) allows the processing of any specific business processes in a commercial / tourist facility regardless of its structure and organization, and is also suitable for the management of chains of such objects. Flexibility and high security are the main features of the system and allow its use in very good global brands that use franchising models of trade and services.

  • Independence and job security guaranteed by the "cloud" technology
  • Mobility, convenience and versatility of application
  • Support a wide range of hardware devices based on Android
  • Integration with the global business processes (reservation systems, innovative payment systems, "gateway" to social networks)
  • Starting work without the need for initial investment
  • Optimization of the application to work through different communication channels


  • Integration with other management systems and commercial establishments
  • Caching the classification data in a local database for fast action
  • Automatic synchronization through the "cloud" of changes in nomenclature from the back office system
  • Mark in online
  • Optimization of data to work in different types of networks - Wi-Fi, GPRS
  • Purchases and product support through service model
  • Guaranteed security and protection of data transmitted
  • Independence from local hardware
  • Online orders for ready notification from the kitchen
  • Integration with online reservation systems and notifications of expected bookings
  • Support for Happy Hour
  • Ability to provide changes in consumption levels
  • Ability to add notes to modification and selected goods
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface with adjustable view
  • Support local settings for each device
  • Monitor the number of people (men and women) table for BI analysis
  • Work with unlimited number of rooms and tables
  • Work with unlimited number of accounts and subaccounts
  • Support groups of virtual goods - lunch menus, promotions and other
  • Integration of Services and Android applications provided by third parties
  • Ability to work with devices with NFC, for payment




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