ORAK Parking R5 - Софтуер за паркинзи

софтуер за паркинг

ORAK Parking R5 is a software solution developed to maintain all working processes in the management of parking areas, no matter of the size of the parking.

  • Visualization of available and free parking places on electronic displays
  • Systematic management of different models of barriers, barcodes, magnetic and contactless readers, fiscal printers, electronic displays and other related devices
  • Mixed methods of payment - cash, credit cards, vouchers and other free defined
  • Integration with other software systems in order to exchange data for each registered event
  • Manager module for remote monitoring and control of objects in real time
  • Capability to record events (counting and recognizing objects and Registration number) via web or security cameras
  • Convenient and versatile view of the cashier points, optimized for faster service for intense customer flow
  • Module for customer cards for quick identification
  • Capability to sell through mobile devices in real time
  • Integration with other software (Orak Hotel R5 Eclipse+) with the possibility of integration with other products
  • Possibility of online job management module to access from anywhere in the world
  • Suitable for small and large types of parking areas
  • Automatic tracking of critical information and references
  • Random clustering, arranging and conditions for more than 60 references
  • Define levels of access to the system administrator, operator, and accountant
  • Universal system for charging the client - In: (subscription hourly basis and the possibility of free hours) capability to control the number of inputs and outputs (number of opening and closing the device)
  • Automatic change of prices in a period of promotions, day and night rates, weekend rates, monthly subscriptions and more
  • Discounts and mixed payments in the course of the sale
  • Storing detailed information and maintaining the database since the introduction of the system
  • Optimized access to the available information
  • High level of protection for databases
  • Transmission and synchronization of data with the central office
  • Export data to accounting systems
  • Tracking the balance of obligations

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