ORAK Riscont R5 - складов софтуер
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складов софтуер

The product ORAK ERP Store R5 is a separately operating module of an entire business system for trade activity management, that is completely compatible with and integrated to the entire business solution for Hotel System management.

Its basic function is to give an account on the activity as it is, and thus to contribute to the more professional and global management.

The product is also applicable for separate stores and markets, but its total power reveals in the management of a chain of objects with a possibility for remote control. The system is very flexible and applicable to the dynamic requirements of the clients. Besides supporting all possible operations and functions of a well organized store management system, it also supports a very powerful analytical device and a flexible report  system providing information on conditions and trends.

The work with the product is a true pleasure, as it allows professional business management.

Main advantages

  • The system is designed to concentrate information and manage centralized chain of stores as separate units or as a single organization. An additional facility is the flexible data analysis through random sampling of data and extensive report generator, guided directly by the user
  • Working with batches,monitoring batch availability, batch traceability
  • Generating mixed and time promotions
  • Real time mobile trade management, periodicall synchronization with central office

  • Unlimited tree structure for stores, goods, partners (clients and suppliers)
  • Unlimited and freely defined nomenclature for  pricelists, measures and packing, user
  • Additional unlimited characteristics for stores, goods, partners, stock documents and rows to the documents
  • Binding of goods with different basic currencies
  • Price information in different currencies
  • Different views and contents of stock documents and orders
  • Administration of rights for access to menus, operations, references and nomenclatures for every consumer
  • Delivery/ Sale of goods
  • Delivery/ Sale orders
  • Audit inventories and stock-taking deficits
  • Unpacking (passing from one subpacking to basic packing and vice versa)
  • Group loading of objects. Report for re-estimation - binding the sale price with the delivery price with a set %
  • Comparison of documents
  • Dispensation of bonuses for past periods over stock documents
  • Appointment of minimal and optimal availabilities in every store for every commodity
  • Forecast making of stock minimal and optimal availabilities via optimizational store formulae
  • A reserved technology of ORAK Engineering offering a flexible mechanism for giving of conditions, orders, grouping and a dynamic choice of columns upon making a reference according to package
  • Over 60 reference packages
  • Preservation of conditions under a reference already made and loading at any unspecified moment
  • Correction of the initial documents
  • Graphical interface for drawing trends and export of the data obtained
  • Automatic tracking of results from unspecified references, via the system "Red Lamp" system
  • Export of references into an external file



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