ORAK Fashion R5 - Софтуер за магазини
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софтуер за магазини за дрехи и обувки

ORAK Fashion R5 is an innovative software solution for management of the manufacturing and sales business processes in the fashion industry.

Specially developed to respond to the specific needs of the fashion stores for shoes, clothes, accessories, spots goods, jewelry, perfume and cosmetics. ORAK Fashion R5 covers all the processes: manufacturing, distribution, sales.

What are the benefits?

  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Possibility for graphic image of the product when selling and editing the characteristics.
  • Simple and quick tracking according to producer, color, size, model, collection, season.
  • Simple and quick price-formation with a fixed percentage surplus charge of the delivery prices, correction of the price using only one button.
  • Easy management of orders and availability in franchising type of structure.
  • Limiting the abuse and increasing the efficiency of the working process.
  • Management of on-line terminals for quick reception, display, revision and labeling of the product.
  • Possibility for conducting a client policy by using loyalty cards for discounts and mixed payments
  • Possibility for generating the combinational and temporal promotions.
  • Integration with an online store.
  • Connection with ORAK Manufacture R5 for a complete coverage of the production and commercial processes
  • Possibility for automatic distant backups on the Internet server’s database.
  • An automatic data exchange between the stores in the chain.
  • Quicker and more qualitative service.
  • Increasing the clients’ satisfaction and loyalty.

Why ORAK Fashion is innovative?

For a second year in a row, Orak Engineering was awarded the most innovative company in Bulgaria. The exclusive award was given by the European Commission Representation for innovative technology for the presence of the company’s products on the Bulgarian an International market.

The business solution for the fashion industry itself is a gold medal winner at the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv - 2010.

Why ORAK Fashion is modern?

Fashion is an expression of the pursuit and ideal of beauty. Fashion is a combination of vision and functionality. Quality is a distinctive mark of every brand.

In complete harmony with these laws ORAK Fashion gives you a complex of rich functionality, high quality, visualization and freedom to manage your own fashion industry.

Why ORAK Fashion is reliable?

ORAK Fashion is a part of the Orak Engineering’s approved business platform R5, on which reliability and quality are trusted by many leading companies in the industry.

The system is based on the world-known for its reliability, scalability and mobility Sybase database, which guarantees the security of data.

Why ORAK Fashion is global?

The platform ORAK R6 is a software technology, directed to the global world of online services and online payments, giving business the opportunity to be rival and to have access to global markets.

The platform connects in a new way the business processes of a company with social networks, online stores, internet payments and global services.

Why ORAK Fashion is for you?

We have created this product, so it can be modified according to the requirements of fashion trends and the specific requirements for dealers. The software product combines the know-how, extracted from the best international practices.

ORAK Fashion gives you freedom to develop your business in the direction, you always wanted, without getting technical excuses.

How easy is the migration?

ORAK has its own developed technology for transferring data and uncritical, simultaneous work with more than one software systems in the stages of migration from one program to Orak’s decisions.

We would be glad to present you how easy and quick is the implantation of ORAK Fashion, even if you are now using another software system, do not hesitate and contact our consultants.

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