Orak R6 & 365.Net Devices


Orak Devices for SMBs

Now SMBs can use for their business processes trustable and high-level security end-user devices on a HaaS model.


Orak Devices for Corporation

Orak Devices on HaaS model would scale local and global services for large corporation and optimized operations.


Orak Devices for Public sector

Provide capacity for rapid building of scalable e-gov projects on the cloud together with high-secured private infrastructure and devices.


Ultimate cloud security

Make your data safer than any other cloud system.


Reliable communication

Use full power and trustability of your 100% private communication line, which connects your place directly to your data, no internet between them.


Zero Investment

Now Orak Devices HaaS model enables you to use the latest technologies, security and hardware - a complete solution for your business.

ORAK 365.Net Devices

Make your cloud connectivity extremely reliable by using our non internet 100% private lines

together with Orak 365.net communication & security devices

Orak 365.net Landline

Your fast connection to the cloud is combined with trustability of 100% private line from your place to your clouded data and BP.


Orak 365.net Mobile

Flexibility to use your secured cloud connection from anywhere. Warranty for privacy of mobile data by using a Not Internet SIM card and Network.


Orak 365.net Duo

Make your connectivity faster and more flexible. Double your security and add more speed by using our special Orak 365.net devices. Combine best of land and mobile connectivity at same time.


Orak R6 Devices

Always use the latest technologies in mobile terminals, which are optimized especially for your R6 clouded business processes.

No investment needed with our HaaS business model.


Orak R6 Pocket

Be free, manage and enjoy your cloud business operations anywhere, anytime on a reliable mobile device.


Orak R6 Desktop

Run your cloud business operations from the most secured and powerful standalone, countertop or wallmount devices. 


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