Cloud-based POS Solution

A cloud-based solution to run and enhance all your business processes. It runs in the cloud, so you can access your data any time, from any place. And know that it's totally protected.


Smart Video Surveillance

Our smart video surveillance system provides not only monitoring of videostreams, but also ensures proactive security for both business processes and public sector.


Online Sales & Channel Manager

The calendar is simple and intuitive and allows you to keep your rates and availabilities always in sync. Make updates with two clicks only while maximizing your online distribution.


ORAK Devices

Orak365.Net Communication & Security Devices and our R6 optimized terminals ensure the seamless usage of your cloud services and solutions up to their full capacity.


Retail Business

In retail business it is important to understand what your customers need, but what is crusial for the success is to know what they spend their money on. 

We understand that retailers needs not only a simple system that lets them take payments. They need a comprehensive solution, which is built for the realities of running a retail business day-to-day: Point of Sale; Inventory Management; Customer Management - knowing who your customers are, what and how often they buy, Reporting - to help you monitor sales results and understand trends in your business.

That is why ORAK Cloud POS is designed to manage all your retail business accross all channels and touchpoints.


Hospitality industry

Thousands of hotels all around the world have used channel management tools on a daily basis for years. The hotel industry is starting to realize, step by step, that it requires the best tools in order to operate the hotel revenue management. But on the other hand, in this world of multi-channel and distribution, hotels must ensure their own direct channels remain the focus of the distribution strategy. 

Having in mind all these specifics, we have developed a fully-integrated Channel Management solution, which is versatile, relevant for any size, scale or type of hospitality-industry business, but also keeps the perfect balance between online reservations and hotel's own website bookings, in order to maximize revenue.


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